Tuesday, June 14, 2016

To force even thoughts on a rocky pavement

Forcing even thoughts 
on rocky pavement 

Losing one concentration
not an acceptable outcome

in a situation where
Losing another concentration is the goal. 

Too much weighty stuff at stake
Too much worrying can break. 

In one day!
To see a baby eagle fall from the nest
To see a fat long rat snake sinuous in the sand

Breaking its cross across the crossing
Hiding low in the leafy bananas 
its tiny head terrifying 

Then later 
and far above
in the overheated sky
Paralyzed that snake
and caught by the eagle parent

And then far above still
And farther
the other eagle parent
Takes the other end gently

A space docking 

The snake is stretched like a line between parentheses these parents 
These parents pull on either end and
snake now a lifeless flesh enemy and meal for what eaglets lie still in the rough and twiggy nest

This aerie uneven
We can't see
This aerie
Floating in the tree
Above lagoon and shoreline waits
In sacred sun and torrid wastes

In fisher waters calm with fury
Tempered by the feathers furry 

To force even thoughts on a rocky pavement 
Curries concentration where concentration is to be had

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