Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Sangam poetess and a cloud of peace

Let a lucid breeze cover and convey
Let a cloud of ice settle in its verge

Let a can of music open in your heart
Let a leafy green follow wishing to go on

Let a motor sounding carry bobbing heads
Let a language tighten as it loosens its verbiage

Let a bell clang ringing from a kovil place
Let a bell clang ringing from a bovine face

Let a sangam poetess sing of village tanks
Let her pages rustle finding words that open chests

Let a graying sky find its beauty way
Let a swaying frond troop many with its kind

Let a forced exchange founder, filter, glowing in the deep
Let the information flow careless as a breeze

Let the lucid breeze follow, covering, conveying
Let a cloud of peace descend powerful and staying

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