Wednesday, June 15, 2016

There are not two sides to every story

There are not always two sides to 
Every story I can give you examples
Of where this holds some truth
Though you will disagree with
The viewpoint that I proffer where
One story must be based on hate
And anyway my story lacks 
The seal of approval of what we've 
Come to call political correctness 
Where political correctness 
Has somehow come to condone
You know what. Terror. 

Where terror is condoned by hate
And isn't that often or even usually
The case
Doesn't the hate have a life of its own
Outside the window of "story"
And in glorious 
Self rationalization may condone
Itself for rationalizing a "struggle"
To put it in the words of the 
Old revolutionaries 

Anyway the hating always hate 
You will not like the story I proffer
Or profess and you may hate me
For it 
And your disagreement may 
Outshine the small bit of truth
I try to present you with. 

It would be a present 
A presence 
A wholeness the story (or the two-sided story) Might lack. 
Why not give it a try?
For one thing 
It's a lot easier to say
There are always two sides 
To a story. 

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