Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The hostilities are over and truth rings a bell

A bell rings
The hostilities are over
The numbers 
Creep forward with veracity

Inside the smallest one
There's a clear acrylic ball
With thin walls
Cellophane like

Inside the ball there's a clear acrylic wall
Invisible, only extending a little way from the walls

Between that wall
Existent and nonexistent 
Bounces the truth
Existent and non existent 

Its songs are sung in Tamil 
Its timbre is a Tamil cadence
Its replies and responses are Tamil 
Its bony bounce is Tamil 

The ball and its wall can expand
Or contract or deform
And the keeping bouncing thing inside

Human lives I guess
Or a semblance of truth
Draws an energy
Unbidden, unprocured

From the light and sound
That hit the ball from without
And the sound of a bell
That the truth itself gives off 

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