Sunday, June 12, 2016

Jaffna and its soil

I find that Jaffna
That is I think that Jaffna
Will create new mines of thinking
Mines of dreams
Mines of aromas
Mines of noises
Mines of effort

Bringing forth 
Always bringing forth
Bringing forth and forward
Moving up through waters
Murky waters of 
Murky waters of time and emotion 

A space like a candle
A Nallur-like entryway
Its open temple jaws
A maw of time travel
If you go barefoot 
If you go bare chested

Like the waters 
Of a place 
With no rivers 
Only limestone beneath the surface
Limestone of ancient seas
Limestone of ancient coral reefs
Then buried 
Then risen

Then finding light
Hosting plants and animals
Pretending in a very convincing manner 
To be soil
Holding, protecting, hosting 
And civilization 

I did taste that soil
Like I smelled those smells
And saw the weirs that men built
To breed prawns
In a light light
Halfway across the lagoon
Going to a near deserted island 

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