Monday, June 13, 2016

How I embraced the Tamil lifestyle for my birthday

Begone money!
I want to be rid of these wads of rupees, whatever they're worth in USD

It's my birthday!
And I want to spend the day buying nice stuff for the people I love, no matter 

Lighten up!
I feel like lightening my load. Whatever it takes and whoever I have to pay

Send me flying!
Try holding me down with carats or grams on this sun spotted cloud spotted day

Change those rupees into gold
Into glam and bling
and things you can hold 
Change those rupees into charitable acts
Just do it. Don't ask 

I go and come on my bicycle
I celebrate with my own self
I trip through streets of traffic
I applaud the cows and taxis, the crows and dogs
The new kovil songs I haven't heard
The clank of weights at my gym
The sweat and subsequent strong
There, I said it. I'm not ashamed to say it
If you don't like it tough. It's my birthday!

I wait I wait I wait I wait I wait

I'm so patient in my waiting
So eager in my waiting
So bathed with happiness in my waiting
So triumphal in my waiting

In sheds and behind sheds
On streets and on tracks
Barefoot and beslippered
I wait like I waited for this day
It's the day of gliding through
of playing through of smiling through of treating through

Treating my self
And treating my loved ones
And making pretense of surprise 
And making pretense of significance 
And making pretense of pretending 
And making a pretense of light and lightness 
And enjoying
Enjoying to the core
Enjoying fully and completely
Celebrating my world  

If you don't approve
And if you think there's too much
Too much ego
Too much weightedness
Too much making a big deal
Too much telling people days in advance 
Too much enjoyment when we live in such a hard world 
Begone. I don't care 
My job is done
I flared and fell and boisterously 
My cheerful self 

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