Friday, June 10, 2016

Communities of hate and communities of fear

The crazy thing I guess
Is that everybody knows it
Everybody feels it
Everybody talks it

The feelings are mutual
Distrust, fear, hate
A bristling, crackling, burning
Whip, whiplash, tarring

With discontent and anger
With jealousy and rage
Quiet or noisy
Demonstrated or secret

Found terms of inner terror
Shared with family and friends
Found on Facebook
Proudly photographed

Communities of hate
Communities of fear
What do they have waiting?
What's in store?

What's more of the same
in a place where war
and communal strife 
were models of governance?

Where do you go
when the person down the road
or on your bus
or in your bank

Is armed, psychologically 
Ready to go off
And with full approbation 
From the people in their street?

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