Wednesday, June 8, 2016

There is no reason to hate

There is no reason to hate. 

We all eat the same whether it's your three dates or my olive's worth;

This one's handful or that one's mouthful;

A blessing said before the meal or after;

These are commonalities we share, not differences erected for us to despise. 

There is no reason to hate. 

Your haram and my kherem are close enough to the same thing;

Our charity is given with the same intent;

It's not that our merit is different from yours. It's that we both seek merit. 

Grace is grace and its root khn is shared by both our languages. 

Modesty and cleanliness, restrictions and fasts, all these ideas and behaviors are our mutual treasure.

Even kindness, love, devotion, righteousness and salvation. They are our common core. 

Let us remember them as we cast away the false teachings of hate and come to find acceptance in our common shared words. 

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