Friday, January 6, 2012

One Month Later

A month after the chicken wire inspiration there’s still a way to go. Ultimately I want to pile these shapes up into an attractive (or repulsive as the case may be) assemblage. For now they’re living on a sumac tree in our front yard. Here are a few shots of this work-in-progress. In spite of certain limitations I’m pleased. I like the way the wire somehow defines the shapes and holds them in conversation. There's a flow to the wire that complements the "stillness" of the ceramic shapes. And I really like the way the chicken wire rolls up at the ends like a croissant.

Wrapped Sculpture

Sculpture in Wire

Clay and Chicken Wire


  1. um, can't get over the first image as some sort of child/grub trying to climb up the tree but trapped in chrysalis. There's some creepy biology for you.

  2. ...and all in the eye of the beholder (-: