Monday, January 23, 2012

Details, details...

I posted my new sculpture "Heart's Portal to Nature" the other day with a minimum of verbiage and with only a couple of pictures. I don't know all of my readers but I figure a quick fix is as good as a long essay in your busy days. I want your daily scroll to be a pleasing one.

A couple more photos of details on the Heart's Portal sculpture. One of my challenges has been how to balance these large pieces of clay to make them both free-standing and reflective of their increasing size. I started to make bases for them, similar to this one.

Here's the point of attachment at the base of last fall's "Phospholipid" sculpture. I think the moment between base and the main sculpture is surprisingly provocative and exciting.

The base plays a dual role of support and highlighting the main sculpture. What do you think? I also wanted to show you a detail of the surface on the base from "Portal." I fired on some of my own recipe...a black clay slip with sand, bicarbonate of soda, and some cobalt blue glaze. When I painted near it with very light blue oil paint (thinned) I got a nice interplay between the rough stuff and the very smooth paint. Another point of provocation and challenge. Lots of movement too, and it looks geographical, which surprises and delights me.

Today I applied for a fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA. A wonderful community and a superb opportunity if I'm lucky enough to be admitted. Maybe it's just another snowball's chance but I became incredibly excited sending in the application. Like I recognize something in myself. As an emerging artist I think I have a lot to offer, a body of work that shows an increasingly cohesive voice, and a strange, vibrant energy that translates into my work. Not to toot my own horn but it's an exciting way to launch into sabbatical year.

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