Sunday, January 1, 2012


I just finished a couple of thoughts on flexibility in my other blog "Botany Without Borders: Where Design Meets Science"

Looking at plants for all these years I've come to appreciate the many ways in which these "sessile" organisms move. In a broad sense they flow with their immediate environment, whether it's the internal movement of water, their interactions with moving air around them, the search for nutrients, or in the broadest sense, evolutionary changes in response to selective pressures, isolation, and random changes in the gene pool.

Wood growth

Bittersweet double helix

Viviparous leaves

This led me to wonder: How can we make our approach to art more flexible? How can we respond to our environment, our material, our vision?

Ceramic Towers

Radioactive Flower Detail

And how can we refine our art vision to achieve greater engagement with the world around us, whether at the intimate level where our hands touch the clay or from a broader perspective, where our work forms a presence in the great world that's out there, way outside of us and our studio.

My Sculptures at Red Rock Canyon

My Fence Installation

My Signature

Happy and Healthy 2012!

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