Sunday, January 8, 2012


I am addicted to color. As a scientist I use color to understand so much about the natural world. In my teaching I try to incorporate color to bring a feeling of comfort, inclusion, and interest to my students who otherwise might not feel so engaged in science. We see color in nature in so many contexts:

Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Alpine Forget-me-not

Accessory pigments

When I started in working on ceramics I wanted to make things in vibrant color. But the glazes at our studio were muted and “natural,” beautiful in their own right and sometimes exciting, but not vibrant. At Medalta this summer I saw one of the artists-in-residence, Koi Neng Liew, using regular latex paint on his work. This led me down a whole new path. I experimented with color a lot this past semester.

Painting it Pink

Orange Olmec Baby Study

Orange Olmec Baby Surface Moment

On a Yellow Clay Cushion

Get off My Back

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