Friday, March 16, 2012


Do you ever get the feeling you're expressing something that's been said before? I try not to take it personally.

Ceramic Paper

My statements about "feeling" ideas. My ideas about exploring problems from inside and out. My platitudes about exploring issues from various angles. Body awareness. Haptic learning. Universal curves. "A Biology of Sculpture." You get the idea.

Twist and Shout

Yesterday I was poking around in my friend Mark Smalley's flickr site. He has some great stuff there that you might enjoy:

Anyway, someone commented on a great piece of his a couple of years ago. To her it recalled a new theory (circa 2002) of neuroesthetics (minus the "a"), a new discipline introduced by neurologists at Johns Hopkins University.

Celadon Glaze

Cool stuff. Interesting to know there are people out there looking at similar ideas.

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