Wednesday, March 14, 2012


One of my sabbatical goals is to bridge the gap between science and the humanities. I am finding my sculptural work to be a great way to link various disciplines together. Yesterday I saw my friend and colleague Ian Taberner at the Boston Architectural College. I asked him a couple of random questions about how architecture connects with some of the sculpture ideas that have emerged for me in the past few weeks.

Dancing Piece

It was kind of scary to hear him say many of the things I've been writing about "letting go" in the creative realm of things. Certainly while architecture depends on a highly controlled process there are many junctures at which its creative process shows universal connections with the things I've been writing about.

 Dancing Piece

Ian is a great teacher and it was a good conversation because it got us both to reflect on teaching and learning, creating and contemplating, and the question of process and control in both our work. Having a chance to communicate with someone else on these topics was a nice end to the day.

Home Made Glaze Moment

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