Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Brain on Art

I just read an amazing piece in the New York Times by the Author Diane Ackerman titled "Your Brain on Love."

Unexpected Flower

I was amazed by the connections she made with a lot of the things I've been writing about in these posts. One of the most amazing things, which is pretty well known now by neuroscientists, is that the brain actually changes with varying activities, emotions, and feelings.


In my posts here I've written a lot about the connection between heart, mind, and hand, and the way they act in strangely concerted fashion while making art. I have surprised myself several times as I trace my unconscious and the way it expresses itself (or something) in sculpted form.


Ackerman's NYT piece speaks to a part of the human experience that we know very little about. Yet the mind-body connection, the role of action on brain function and vice-versa, are very much the things that drive us. I think in the future as we continue to study the human experience in this realm there will be a lot more to learn.

Meanwhile, gotta keep making art!

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