Monday, February 13, 2012

What Do You Do?

Not being a professional artist I don't have to sell my work. As a matter of fact I enjoy giving it away. The one problem is I'm running out of friends with room for the sculptures and our garden is getting pretty full.

Last September I made this sculpture and it sat in the kitchen for several months.

Painting it Pink

It Regards Itself

Recently I put it out on a stand in the garden, where it showed up nice The other night we invited Molly's parents over for a bowl of soup. They've only been here once last spring and I didn't think they had noticed the garden at all. Both of them came into the house exclaiming, "Oh, did you just put that sculpture in the garden?" I was surprised and I have to admit a bit happy that they saw it (or any of the sculptures). So when they left that night I gifted them with it.

What do you do when friends say they like your stuff?

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