Sunday, April 10, 2016

Three events this morning

The baby eagle falls from the tree
Its wingspan is huge
Its talons and beak are sharp and curved
Its eye has that look 
It's put in a cage to protect it from crows
The parents watch from on high
It hasn't been injured, it drinks
Thava picks up the cage and it saunters to the water
He takes it by the tips of its wings and moves it to the drinking water that he put fresh into a curd pot
The baby eagle moves itself to where it's comfortable
Maybe waiting for its parents to make the next move
Once we're far enough away

At the corner there's live music at the kovil
Crowded with moms and teenage girls
Just down the road another one of the hotels is decked out with streamers
Is it a coming of age event?
Is there any way to know?
It's an X of one, there's only guesswork
Same if you've seen 100?

The barber is busy at 8 AM
There are two people inside where I thought there was one
When I think it's my time the second gets started
I'd better get back. Breakfast may be served some time during this hourlong wait
I stand
Everyone stands with concern
You going?!
I will come back. 

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