Friday, April 22, 2016

The difference a few years makes

They swagger in, looking around 
Can the East really be this beautiful?

Stay off the main road, it's too wide
Two or even three vehicles may block it off

They eat their sandwiches and their rice
You speak their language. It's a miracle. Such nice service. 

Get your bike out quick and make a run for it 
But don't get stuck in a dead end

Their children spoiled and whiney, a new place after all
Born after the conflict and used to air conditioning

If you're stuck bang on the gate
Or better to climb over and hide. But your bike!

They order politely and smile at foreign guests
Supposing we, who are strangers too, can't see the difference

If you're caught you won't get home
Not tonight and maybe never

The roads were packed and Kurenagala to Dambulla was all construction 
It will be worse inbound at the end of the holiday weekend 

You struggled as they grabbed you, arms and legs
Your mother never found out where you went that night. 

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