Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Plenty city

I struggled all winter with the horrible climate of Boston, seriously thinking about moving to a warmer place. Hated that I had to stay in the house. Mostly it was true because the cold weather has begun to physically hurt me.

Even as spring progressed, now diving into summer, uncomfortable to get on a bike most days. Rain, cold breezes, the prospect of never ending suburbs as my prime destination, all kept me off my bike. Today with only 60% chance of severe thunderstorms I decided, "it's now or never! "

I got on the bike and rode along the Charles River. I had the bike path almost to myself. Abounding nature, sun flecked woods, brilliant open fields dotted with flowers, and vistas across the river were my reward. I found ripe mulberries and ate them right off the tree. The shaded paths were redolent with aromas of the riparian environment, still damp and puddled from yesterday's storms.

At a certain sunny bend in Allston I felt the eastern breeze. Harsh and cold earlier in the spring it put up a benign caress today. But why was it there? I turned around to see a bank of dark clouds to the north and west, the promised cold front swallowing up the atmosphere and sucking in ocean air off the coast. Whatever. I needed a moment to write down these impressions on a bench by the river. I'll get home before it pours.

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