Saturday, June 8, 2013

Landscape of Tides

I went out early this morning to take a walk near the House of my friend Nina Berson. We got in yesterday afternoon in driving rain that had let up by 6AM this morning. Good thing I turned around when I did, exactly 15 minutes after I left the house the wind and sheets of rain, remnants of Tropical Storm Andrea, were lashing the house again.

This tidelands world of bay side Cape Cod is so beautiful and so mysterious. Part of the beauty and the mystery is the constantly changing landscape. Here where the land ends, the liminal space near the ocean, I feel that change keenly. It's here that atmosphere in its awesome variations joins the show of change and mixes up the pallet in a vortex of color, line, and texture. A wonderful place to be an artist. And a scientist.

The temporary nature of air and water, currents, tides, and landforms is so powerfully apparent here. And the fragility of our own nature is mightily exposed. A house of four walls, thoughtfully built in the '50s, suddenly precarious in the wind, suddenly vulnerable near the water. Isolation, apprehension, the looming presence of our own limitations all emerge in the storm. And like the tide they retreat, subdued, when the wind dies down.

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