Monday, May 30, 2016

Postscript Jaffna: A Tactic

War zone. 
A tactic. 
They suspect 
You may
Be working
For the
Other side. 

Their tactic. 
They surround 
Your house. 

If you run
You are guilty. 

Then they
Can shoot
You wherever
And whenever
They see you. 

You didn't run
The first time
You didn't run
The second time

You think
Like you thought 
They've closed 
My file. 

But you
Mention there
Were plenty 
Of people
Who weren't 
Guilty of
Working for 
Either side
Who ran
Because they
Were scared. 

They were
Fair game. 

Also you
Tell that
Both sides
Used this
Same tactic
And since 
You could
Be under
Suspicion from
Either side
Your running
Or not
Running made
No difference 
You could 
Still be
Shot anywhere
And anytime. 

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