Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How nice words are when there's a shortage of words

Words to open up secret chests and words to tell truth. Words to tell lies or half truths but words still and all. Written words and spoken words and sung words and strung words and stinging words and stinking words and too many words but at least enough words. Words where there are no words. Words where no words have been used. Words where no words have been tried. Words where silence is like a closed trap and they open the trap. Little by little. Words that verify. Words that insist. Words that place themselves inside. Embedded words. Intermonsoonal rains. Fighting words. Soft words. Words that cover and uncover at the same time uncovering layer after thin layer after thin layer, gently, and covering with cotton soft fluff words, covering words cornering words like deeds and words like objects. Singular objects you want to touch you want to feel you look and look and look and look and look and listen and words appear distinct and palpable. Palabras. Palavers. Placeholders words words words revealing unloosing setting aflight setting alight kindling growing roaring whispering crying sadness words of sad places words of consolation. Are there such words? Has a word the power to console? To repose? To protect? To project? Words of revealing, revelatory, relevant, revenant retrorse backbiting or gentle. Words that admit. Words that deny. Words that hint. Words that suggest. Words, suggested words suffused words infused words inserted words blurted words retorted words intoned and moaned. Words suggesting words requesting words attempting words pronouncing. Where are honest words? Where are trembling words? Where are honest words? Where are trembling words? Which words uplift?  Which words are a gift? Which words lay cover? Which words lay covered? Which words emerge? Which words refuse? Which words bow? Which words refuse to bow? Which words have immediacy? Which words wait and waffle? Which words produce and which words produce pain and which words release pain and which words reveal pain and which words resort to pain and which words skim pain and which words ride pain  fitfully? Which words storytell and which words quell and which words open and open further and open further and keep opening and enlarging and gaping and hollowing and scraping out the hollow until new words must be found and repeated or try to be repeated or formed or budded or hidden? Which words are an exercise and which words are a repetition? Which words are concise and which words pour and pour and pour and pour? Which words sprinkle and which words focus and which words strengthen? Which words bend and which words are bent? Are words a strategy? An abbreviation? A colon? A full stop? Or are they a continuation, a linking, an open pathway, a random walk, a touching? 

Precious words to recall to recollect to remember to pretend to remember to spark to tread to explore to ignore to hasten to glisten to frustrate and foment and attend. 

Precious words to being forward and try to tell and testify and promise and retell and form the formless by formalized sound. 

Precious words that nudge and joyify and sigh stringing cadence like lights. 

Precious words that multiply in the telling and take wing and spill and spew? 

Precious words that shape and sound and sculpt and measure and round. 

Precious words that mete precious words that cheat precious words that press precious fleet words that annoy and annul and prepare and encourage. 

Precious words of a moment. Precious words from a dream. Precious words on a song. Precious words on a page on the lips in the teeth on a tongue. How nice words can be when they come from a dark place into the light. How precious words can be when they change a dark place into light. 

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