Tuesday, February 16, 2016

You are put on earth

You are put on earth
You see things your own way 

You're not forced to see things one way
You have your narrow world

The world may expand for you
Sometimes it expands greatly

And sometimes the expanse is just your corner and that corner is small

What do you detect?
How do patterns make themselves apparent?

What's a lie?
A falsehood?

A break in the pattern?
A breach in how you see things?

What qualifies you to see a lie?
What's your right to the truth?

Based on your experience and your senses
Is that enough?

What about the base of your gut?
The need to get away from the source of a lie? The allergy to a particular lie? To cause distance, to remove you from the rend?

Is it the wider your world the better you understand the pattern
Or is it the smaller your corner the better you see?

If a curator doesn't know a naga is that a lie?
Only if she's a curator of South Asian Art 

If the police speak Sinhalese to an old  Tamil man is that a lie?
Only if the pattern of courtesy requires another language. 

If water flows backward in the lagoon is that a lie?
Only if only if only if only. 

Is a liecatcher like a dreamcatcher?
Are dreamcatchers lies?

Is a cantata a musical truth that's terraced with lies or that terraces lies?

Does the lie lie in judgement? Detection?
What is judgement and how is it calibrated? 

Who judges the judge and measures the lies and detects the corners and their torn patterns?

Do you find lies by looking hard or looking soft?
Do lies flop on your lap like so much ham off a platter?

Do lies slip by the window of your bus ride?
Do they jump off a page of a newspaper?

Do they hide in memoirs and books
Or like police garrisoned, silenced by their superiors during a pogrom?

Whose lies count and whose lies are inconsequential?
Do all lies tear at the fabric of being?

Are truths peppered by lies because of the weakness of human perception?

Are perceptions fed by your eyes, your soul, your affinities and allergies?

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