Friday, December 11, 2015

Questions. Impulse. Disguise.

Does calling weak strong make it strong?
Is wrong called right not wrong?
Is not ugly not pretty pretty ugly?
Is the character of morning understood?

Is the smoke burning or the fire?
Are the waves moving or still?
Are the trenches of water fresh or stagnant?
Is "empowerment" another word?

Does the sand stick to your feet?
Does exhaust get in your nose?
Are human thoughts so weak?
Do they exist at all?

Can we hide from noise?
Does evil permeate or is it just a disguise?
Does every human heart beat
In a kind of harmony with the moon?

Do we relate to a breeze?
How are leaves a conduit for water?
Why do they drip?

Heaven and hell are so far away
So far unproved
Unproved and untested
Untested and contested

Contests run but endlessly dusty
Screaming or silent
Held together with screws or not
Molded or carved, seamless or seamed

Turned or stamped
Felted or woven
Chiseled or sanded
Braided or kneaded

Is movement "forward"
Or is movement a smile?
Is movement a trim?
And vibration. More waves?

Is the scale of impulse
the scale of a line?

If a line has no scale can an impulse collapse?
Are dogma and belief the same?
Are many ways possible where people insist on only one?
Are questions a Way?
Are questions an impulse
Proffered on impulse 
Related to rants
In disguise of curiosity?

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