Friday, September 25, 2015

A moment in Mihintale

We took the short bus ride from Jaffna Junction to Mihintale and got off in front of Mr. Asantha's barber shop. He was there and we were recognized instantly. We were pulled into his shop and he gave us both a haircut and head massage. All amazing but it meant we would have to climb to the Mihintale temple in the heat of the day. 

Mihintale was spectacular as always. Wonderful to be among the families in a place beloved by Sri Lankans and devoid of tourists. I climbed up the rock and got some amazing shots of the landscape below while Janet drew a crowd on the temple plaza. 

Before exhaustion and heatstroke hit we decided to walk over to the amazing Kaludiya Pokuna. Happy to say they cleaned it up since I was there in May. Since it was about 1PM it was about the worst possible hour for photographing the wonders of the site. But this morning at 6 AM as I looked them over I realized I could have some fun with the images and still convey the wonder of one of my favorite spots in Sri Lanka. 

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